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1801 Chardonne – Suisse

For early prevention of breast cancer and its free screening before the age of 50

L’aiMant Rose


In Switzerland, many women are victims of breast cancer before the age of 50, the official age for automatic free screening. Too often their request for early screening is refused or discouraged and is not reimbursed by health insurance.

L’aimant Rose is a non-profit association based in Chardonne (VD), founded on January 31, 2018, which fights for free early screening and prevention of breast cancer before the age of 50.

Its main project, already highlighted by the press, consists of crossing Lake Leman by swimming…by relay, with or without swimming palms, everyone is welcome, men and women alike, amateur or advanced swimmers, from Vevey to Bouveret in the Summer of 2018.

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